A trial involving a paedophile who claims ‘top political people’ asked him to kidnap young girls from care homes so they could rape them, is ongoing.

Media reports this week suggested that a final hearing had taken place on13th February and a verdict handed down for the defendant, Gihan Muthukumarana. We can now report that this is not the case.

Researching Reform spoke with Southwark Crown Court this afternoon, who confirmed that the case was only part heard, and was currently on their warned list. Warned lists feature a selection of cases that can be heard at short notice. The cases are listed for trial to start on any day within a set window of time, rather than a specific date. Judges decide which cases go on the list.

Southwark Crown Court told Researching Reform that the case was likely to be heard within the next two weeks.

As of today, there is no listing for this case, but we will keep checking The Law Pages for any developments.

Very many thanks to the kind and helpful clerk we spoke with at Southwark.