Researching Reform is a project dedicated to child welfare in the family justice system and was started in 2008. In that same year, The Times newspaper nominated the project’s website a useful resource for families going through divorce and in 2009, JD Supra voted the project’s editor, who has a legal background, one of their Savvy Women in The Law. In 2018, the site was selected as one of fifteen child welfare sites around the world to follow. Today, we’re very privileged to have a following both in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Researching Reform is dedicated to simplifying the family justice system and finding solutions to the current problems faced by families and practitioners alike.  Researching Reform produces events, up to date analysis and articles all relating to the practical realities of divorce and child welfare-based policies, as experienced in the family justice system and beyond. We are dedicated to the welfare of the child and this central theme runs through every project we work on.

On the online platform, you will find interviews with professionals who work in the family courts as well as the families themselves who go through the system. The site is also home to articles relating to the system, its culture, laws and ultimately, its efficiency or lack thereof. It is also the home of LIP Service, a free resource on all things family law related and is designed to be accessible to everyone.

When we’re not in cyberspace, our events like the Westminster Debates in the House of Commons, are designed to create immediate dialogue between policy makers, parents and professionals, dialogue that goes to the heart of the issues involved and ultimately leads to the fast and effective creation of solutions.

We are interviewed by the media on child welfare issues and consulted for documentaries and policy proposals which touch on areas of law affecting families. We’ve also been lucky enough to contribute to child welfare and legal publications. Researching Reform produces articles for HuffPost UK and wrote a column for Lexis Nexis on current affairs which impact upon children.




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  1. I came across this blog when I was doing research for my own. Having been a child that went through the family justice system and witnessed first-hand the failings within it, I do strongly feel that something has to be done to improve the system.



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    • Hi Katie.

      I totally agree.
      These are some children speaking out re their experiences in family law courts.
      Every country which has adopted the British legal system is experiencing similar problems.

      We, the Courageous Kids Network, are a growing group of young people, whose childhood was shattered by biased and inhumane court rulings, which forced us to live with our abusive parent, while restricting or sometimes completely eliminating contact with our loving and protective parent.


  2. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/43214 SIGN PLEASE


    THIS IS URGENT URGENT URGENT British Grand mother Fights for Justice



    100,000 thousand signatures needed asap post to all your face book contacts twitter media

    lets get the Monument for children that have been failed by or abused by authorities or the care system

    Responsible department: Office of the Leader of the House of Commons

    This epetition is on behalf of Ms Tuttle
    I am asking for a monument to be erected, location to be decided, dedicated to all those children that have:-

    a) Died as a result of failures by the authorities or care system.

    b) Died Abused as a result of failures by the authorities or care system.

    c) Died Abused by the care system.

    Please sign this petition to help children in the UK

    share this petition if you have a heart and want the children to be safe.

    [Content Removed]


  3. Share Our International Survivors Forced Adoptions Conference

    Hello it is great to start interacting with others in the promotion of our conference. I have a good feeling about this one guys.

    I have attached a copy of the conference poster and media press release.
    Please feel free to share on social media networks as well as on websites if possible spread the word as far and wide as we can.

    We invite you to check out this website join the child protection task force and watch the conference live.


    Join The CPTF Child Protection Task Force.


    Thank you all for your participation in our conference we really appreciate all you are doing.

    Keep up the good work folks.

    Speak soon


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  4. Great website! So pleased to find this!
    I had 3 children removed twice by Social Services and the courts, and baby threatened with removal at birth. All 4 of mine were returned and so I am qualified to speak out on the effects of taken AND returned children (children returned once taken is rare!). I am an advocate for keeping children with their natural parents and speak on behalf of those too traumatised to fight for the return of their children.
    My link is http://www.taken2003uk.com. I have just published a book called ‘Taken’ about the effects of child removal. It is selling fast internationally and making headway in exposing corruption in the system. Any media rep can contact me via my website for a FREE COPY. Alternatively it can be purchased on Amazon or Book Depository.


  5. I am a law graduate and am helping families online with family court matters. My background is also psychology and sociology. This my article on the work I am doing and my research. I want to organise several interviews, I have a Phd and recently qualified lawyer interested. She is a campaigner against forced adoption in Australia. When I have done all the interviews I will produce something in writing.


    ‘A glimpse into the secret, corrupt world of ‘Forced care and or forced adoption, significant harm (public law) in the family courts: the robot middle class family court professionals versus substantive law and the family’s rights from different angles.’

    Thomas Jones Bsc, LLB. Date: 24 february 2019.

    Details about this author: Thomas Jones Bsc, LLB. Thomas Jones (hereafter, Jones, T. (2019) Bsc, LLB) holds a Bachelor of science (Bsc) which includes 50% content in the ‘social sciences:’ mainly psychology and sociology. Thomas Jones also holds a law degree (LLB).


  6. [Name Withheld] said:

    My son kidnapped and abducted by ss when is mother took him to safety after fleeing dv


  7. Your parent-led inquiry into the social care system deserves a sister body led by offspring enquiring into the detention of their elderly parents in care homes e.g. mairmorgan.com by Richard Morgan for his captive mother Mair Morgan. The Hardie report said up to tens of thousands of elderly people were illegally held in care homes against their will.
    Your inquiry is only half the story – half the truth, not the whole truth.


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