Southwark Crown Court has heard a case in which a paedophile has claimed that millions of pounds could be made raping children on camera for ‘top political people.’

The hearing took place this month, though no English mainstream media outlets appeared to have covered the trial, which concluded on 13th February, 2018. Only Court News UK,  Breitbart and The Scotsman, have commented.

Gihan Muthukumarana, who has been charged with facilitating sexual activity with a child and three counts of possessing indecent images of children, told an undercover police officer that the film could be sold for as much as £10 million if the girls were then killed and their bodies were disposed of, which he suggested should be done using vats of acid.

Muthukumarana was reported to police after he told an escort about his plans, in a bid to secure her involvement with the making of the video, and that he had the contacts to carry out the plot. He also told the escort that he had slept with a 12 year old girl and encouraged her to think about sleeping with young girls herself.

The Prosecutor for the case told the court:

“He initially introduced himself to Donna as a facilitator who recorded girls and that he had a proposition for her.

He told her he would make her millions of pounds, he also told her that she would be protected because those buying the film were top political people.

Young teenage girls would be filmed by a woman called Angelie in a secure room and filming them “being f*cked up” and these would be watched by others.”

As well as offering up details about where the abuse would take place, Muthukumarana also told the undercover police officer that she should take alcohol or drugs beforehand because ‘it makes you extra heartless’.

The court also heard an extract from a recorded phone call in which he claimed that, ‘the people paying us to do what we’re doing are very high up political people. We will be masked up and it will be on webcam.’

Muthukumarana told the court that the plot was a fantasy, and denied any knowledge of the indecent images found on his computer’s hard drive.

There appears to be no follow up of this case, and no judgment to access. We think this case is a public interest matter, and will be asking for immediate release of the judgment.

Very many thanks to Maggie Tuttle for alerting us to this case.