On this page you will find all of the speeches given at the launch of ‘In Dad’s Shoes’ in The House of Lords, on 25th June, 2012:

  • Lord Speaker, Baroness D’Souza, Press Release (Please see below):

“One of the great strengths of the House of Lords is the variety of interests and concerns that members pursue – it is one aspect that makes the House a unique institution. Engagement with organisations such as Dads House is crucial to the House’s ability to scrutinise the Government and its legislation from a position of detailed and current information. I know that organisations like Dads House provide valuable support for single dads and the reception in the River Room was a celebration of that work.”

We have a special addition to our speech section – a speech which was prepared but never given on the evening, as we were running over time and the overseeing members of the House of Lords felt we should move on. However, we add it here, with gratitude, to its author.

4 thoughts on “Speeches”

  1. Mistakenmolehill said:

    I’ve only just realised this is a dad centric support forum and I apologise for intruding unwittingly on that. I just don’t think there should be divide between gender it’s the issues that are of most consequence.

    Am I completely in the wrong place?


    • Hi. This isn’t a dad-centric forum, you’ve just happened across an event we produced for fathers. We work across both genders and support both mothers and fathers. If you access our home page that should help to clarify things.


  2. I think its a good label and appears to be non gender specific in content which is great I have contacted the woman’s coalition as they are doing some helpful work .


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