Parliamentary Debates

Researching Reform offers events and communications consultancy, specialising in family law.

Services include:

  • Providing strategy, creative input and activation for parliamentary debates, with access to rooms at The House of Commons and The House of Lords, and the involvement of MPs and Lords to participate where relevant.
  • Events, to raise awareness and drive issues, for media and stakeholders
  • Ongoing campaigns to raise awareness and fundraising campaigns driven online, through social media and in the real world.

Our House of Commons debate on child abuse, was designed to offer the nation’s Statutory Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse insight into the different ways in which abuse of this nature is carried out and covered up by large institutions and our regular Speaker Meetings for The All Party Parliamentary Group on Family Law and The Court of Protection invited government stakeholders to consider the impact of their policies and current law on families and children and to offer working solutions where needed.

Some of our debates can be viewed here:

Westminster Debates

If you’d like to get in touch, please post your comment below and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Parliamentary Debates”

  1. Dear Natasha

    I hope you do not mind my contacting you.

    I am conducting some research for the Law Society on family law and wondered if I could have a quick chat with you about areas of interest/ topicality. This is with a view to putting together our training programme for members.

    Could I give you a call, and if so, how do I contact you?

    Many thanks



  2. Jacky harris said:

    I would dearlylove to talk to someone on the subject of reform, why is everything in family courts secret, why have parents been frozen out, why are social workers allowed to lie under oath with no repercussions, when is the word justice going to be upheld, where can people go to get justice , why is it allowed for social workers,cafcass, solicitors, judges to all work together against people regardless of the plain truth , when is anyone going to take into consideration the long term damage to both children and parents in these cases !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. [Name Withheld] said:

    I hate social services, stating I have mental health… My children oldest was taken in april 2017 and then a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant, brought everything in for my baby, did all the social services/cafcas also the court told me to yet thay wasn’t good enough, they didn’t comply with the order.
    Lied in the assements and court papers stated I failed to take care of my baby whilst in hospital after giving birth. They didn’t even tell me they had appiled for the order a midwife told me on the morning of the court day.
    And they think it’s acceptable that my children have only had one contact, my oldest adored my mum she passed away Christmas day no contact was arranged for my children and mum. Nor was I able to tell my child about his mama until 29th January (so he couldn’t even attend her funeral…

    I want some one to explain how vthere brains work…. How can they think a 6month old baby (who is non-mobile) is safe when I arrive to contact I notice my baby has a black eye and nose. But they didn’t know about it until the same day as me(a Thursday). I was even allowed to breast feesy baby.


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