Media Coverage

Researching Reform is interviewed on child welfare matters by the media including Sky News, the BBC, France 2, RFI and RTL. Our interviews can be watched or listened to on our site.

Researching Reform has also written and writes for a variety of publications which focus on child welfare, including The Times, The Huffington Post, Lexis Nexis, Family Law Week, Wikivorce and JD Supra.

Some of our earlier articles and events can be viewed in our archive.


7 thoughts on “Media Coverage”

  1. [Name Withheld] said:

    the media refused to cover any of my story because it involved a Judge [edited] at Sheffield who stole my childrens childhood and took away my Human Rights as a mother as a parent and as a family. I have never been given a reason why. I love my children and always will. I do Not have a mental Health problem. I do not drink, or smoke or do drugs I never have in my life. My childrens lives have been destroyed by The British Family Courts


  2. Annonymous said:

    I am so sorry our system is one huge scam.

    Our 12 year battle is nearly coming to a head. I’m back up in February, loosing hope and faith. – The system is a shambles. I do not drink or take drugs but apparently a 6 month clean coat ordered (in previous private proceedings) hair strand test was always irrelevant and I was tarnished for ever anyway!

    I hope there is a place to find more people like us 🤍


    • Thank you for your comment, and I’m so sorry you’ve been through all this. We have a lovely and very supportive community on the site, and you’re very welcome to engage with them. Many of the parents who engage here have been through the same ordeal. Wishing you lots of luck moving forward, Natasha


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