A case involving a VIP plot to kidnap, rape and murder girls from care homes has finished, a clerk at Southwark Crown Court has confirmed.

The defendant, Gihan Muthukumarana, who was on trial for facilitating sexual activity with a child and three counts of possessing indecent images of children, had told an undercover police officer that he was putting together a plot to kidnap, rape and murder girls from care homes for ‘top political people.’ The defendant told the court that his story was a fantasy. A jury acquitted Muthukumarana of all charges.

This case remains a troubling one. Initial media reports suggested that the final hearing was on 13th February. Researching Reform called Southwark Crown Court on 23rd February, and was told that the case had not ended, and was only part heard. The clerk went on to check the details of the case and discovered whilst we were on the call, that it was on the court’s Warned list, and likely to be heard in full within the next two weeks.

Researching Reform contacted the CPS to ask for a transcript once the case had ended, however the agency said it was unable to provide one. We then contacted Southwark Crown Court, who told us that we would need to pay for the transcript ourselves. Southwark Crown Court sent Researching Reform the email below, in which a different clerk suggests that the trial began on 8th February, and ended on the 13th February:

CC Email image

We’re not sure how a case could be on the court’s Warned list on 23rd February, yet heard in full, ten days before that date. Conspiracy theories aren’t things we take to lightly, but given that this case involved some serious allegations against high profile people, the mainstream press seemed completely unaware of its existence and the formal statements we received from the court were conflicting, we’re keeping an open mind about this one.