A free event organised by the Centre for Child and Family Justice (CFJ) and the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory (FJO) will look at the preservation of family ties with children inside the care system.

The event, “Children in Care: Preserving Family Connections?” will look at new research from the UK and Australia focusing specifically on questions around family connections for children in care.

The programme includes sessions on trends and patterns relating to children and how they enter the care system in Australia and England; how contact and reunification between birth families and their children are dealt with in both countries; and alternatives to child removal.

There is a session at the end of the day which offers responses from birth parents too.

Attendees will be given a copy of the new rapid evidence review on Special Guardianship, published by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory, (which you can download here without having to attend the event).

The CFJ will also share updates on its upcoming events, Nuffield FJO plans and new research projects. (You can follow new projects as they are launched here).

The event is taking place on 19th September from 10am-5pm at Forrest Hills in Lancashire. The venue is located next to Lancaster University, the institution which currently runs the Centre for Child and Family Justice.

You can sign up for the day’s sessions on the CFJ’s Eventbrite page. 

If you have any queries about the event, you can contact Chris Millan at chris.millan@lancaster.ac.uk.

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