As council tax is set to rise in almost every borough across England, local authorities are offering financial incentives to employees who refer friends for adult and children’s social care roles.

Rotherham Council is offering £500 to employees who refer children’s social workers to the council, with the referer getting £250 if the person they put forward is successfully recruited, and a further £250 if the person performs satisfactorily over a six month period.

Offering twice as much as Rotherham, Surrey County Council pledges to give referring employees £1,000 – £500 for the appointment and the remaining £500 if the referee remains in the council’s employment for three months. Interestingly, the lump sums are not tax free. On its page, Surrey County Council refers to the positions as “hard-to-recruit” posts.

It’s an abominable waste of money. Financial incentives have been used for years in the fostering sector, and have done nothing to help fostering which has been all but obliterated, as the government’s recent foster care review confirmed.

These councils would be far better off spending the money on their current social workers, to deliver a hands on service, so these professionals can actually be physically present for the families they are meant to be supporting.

Many thanks to Dana for sharing Surrey County Council’s link with us.

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