Lambeth Palace, former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey and the Sussex arm of the Church of England are under pressure this morning to explain why critical documents relating to jailed paedophile Bishop Peter Ball, were not handed over to authorities.

Lord Carey denied the existence of a cover up last year, but in January 2016, the CPS published letters of support for Bishop Ball, which included a communication from Lord Carey.

Equally serious is the allegation that the cover up, which allowed Bishop Ball to continue to work within the church, enabled Ball to silence other victims of sexual abuse who came to him with their complaints. Phil Johnson, who was abused by Bishop Ball as a young man told the BBC that there had been instances of abuse which had been reported to Ball who had then failed to act. As a result of that failure, other boys then went on to be sexually assaulted.

Richard Scorer, a lawyer at Slater and Gordon working with survivors of child sexual abuse:

“It’s an absolute scandal. It is wrong and unacceptable that the Church of England sat on the information and didn’t pass it to the police. There is no question Peter Ball would have been prosecuted, convicted and jailed for child abuse at that time.”

Ball, who is now 84, was jailed last year for sex assaults on 18 teenagers and young men in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s.

An independent review is now underway.

Many thanks to Phil Johnson for sharing this update with us.