As part of its next phase, the Best Interests of the Child Review (BIC) is inviting services and organisations who are willing to assist families going through child protection proceedings to join the review as support partners.

The review, which was launched on World Children’s Day (20 November) last year, is parent-led and focuses on children’s social care through the eyes of the children going through the system.

The review will provide recommendations for proper evidence-based social work practice, within the framework of compassionate social work held to the highest standards, and delivered in a humane and supportive way, with its primary aim of keeping families together wherever possible.

The launch included the publication of a rights booklet, which offers families a point of reference for all the rights they and their children have going through the process, which they can enforce in law.

The booklet also includes links to relevant documents, files and legislation, as well as a glossary of terms and links to websites of organisations who offer help and advice for free.

The review team also offers support to parents and children through signposting assistance so that families can access the help they need.

As part of our promise to provide immediate help to families, we are launching a support service partnership with organisations offering free support and advice.

Organisations will be reviewed by the team to ensure that they meet our criteria: initiatives must offer a compassionate and professional service, offered free of charge to families.

Several organisations have already very kindly agreed to work alongside the review to support children and their families in this way, but demand for help is high and we would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to help.

Approved organisations will be featured on BIC’s My Support page. We also understand that some organisations led by parents may not wish to be featured on the site and we are more than happy to pass on your details discreetly.

The review would love to hear from you if you offer the following support or advice free of charge:

  • Family law and legal aid guidance/ signposting/ legal advice (registered law firms, charities and pro bono units only for the last item)
  • Advocates for children
  • Support for SEND children
  • Support for victims of Domestic Violence
  • Support for parents going through family law proceedings
  • Support for families experiencing homelessness/ the threat of homelessness
  • Support for families in need for food, clothing, school uniform

If you would like to apply to be a support partner, we would love to hear from you. Please email the team at

Thank you from all of us at BIC.