Welcome to another week.

The House of Commons library offers regular briefing papers and reports about issues which affect people in England and Wales.

Their latest set of reports include two briefings which explain how you can complain about judges’ behaviour and what you can complaint about to formal complaints bodies.

Researching Reform has written about this in the past, because while legal professionals working inside the system can complain about a wide range of misconduct by other fellow legal practitioners, families and children who have experienced poor treatment have much fewer options available to them.

The first Commons briefing is titled, “Complaining about courts, judges and legal professionals” and explains that you can write to your local MP to raise a complaint of this kind, as well as offering tips on how to do this. Researching Reform often advises parents to approach the opposition MP in their area – they tend to be less busy, and looking for opportunities to criticise the way the current government is handling its business.

The second paper is titled, “Complaining about personal conduct of judicial office-holders,” and offers a breakdown of which bodies will review complaints, who can complain and what kinds of complaints they can look at.