Alliant International University, which is based in San Diego, has created a survey for families who were involved in reunification programmes.

The university researchers are looking for children whose parents divorced and who later attended a reunification programme. The flyer for the survey says participants must be 18 years old and over and must have had court involvement in relation to their contact arrangement.

The survey was shared by SHERA Research Group, an organisation which calls itself a “collective of multidisciplinary professionals” working in “health inequalities, law and domestic abuse research and support organisations.” They say that some of their members are survivors who want to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

Information about members of the SHERA group can be accessed here.

Details about the survey were shared by SHERA on Twitter on January 17, which said: “Opportunity to participate! Alliant University is seeking participants for a study investigating the outcomes of reunification programmes. You must be 18 yrs + and the Court must have been involved in making custody decisions.”

For those who wish to take part, the survey can be accessed here.