A series examining adoption and its history through the eyes of five adoptees has been published by Prism, an online news outlet which amplifies the lived experiences of people affected by injustice.

The adult adoptee spearheading this series is New-York based writer Tiffany HyeonBrooks, who went to Korea in search of information about her birth mother.

HyeonBrooks, along with other adoptees, want to see a disruption to the narrative that adoption is a win-win for everyone involved, which they say, “positions adoptive parents as heroes who are fulfilling their reproductive destinies and adoptees as silent and grateful recipients of a new family.”

She has teamed up with Collective Power and other adoptees featured in the Prism series to establish adoptee-centered spaces for young people in the reproductive justice movement. 

This article, by Prism’s editor-at-large, Tina Vasquez, is an interview with HyeonBrooks and very much worth reading.

You can access the article here.