The Children and Families Truth Commission has published what it believes is the first human rights-focused survey for children and families going through Britain’s child protection system.

The survey was produced in collaboration with child-protection experienced parents and was designed to be accessible and easy to fill out.

The survey asks families in Britain about their experiences of children’s social care and the courts, including times when they felt that their human rights were not supported. 

We have created this survey so that we can better understand which human rights are being breached inside the system, and how.

We warmly invite you to complete the survey if you are a child or child-protection experienced parent or relative. The more responses we get, the more we can understand the problems.

Please fill this survey out if you can, and share it with others who may want to complete it, too.

If you have any questions about, or problems with, the survey, you are very welcome to email the Commission at

You can access the survey here: