The story of 10-year-old Maya Kowalski in America, whose mother was accused of fabricating her illness and later died by suicide as a result of the way she and her daughter were treated by child welfare staff, is an incredibly important read for us in the UK, as the case highlights every single problem with child protection systems in the west.

From accusing challenging parents of mental illness, switching diagnoses every time a condition was disproved – even going so far as to accuse the child of making up her symptoms once all else failed – and making enormous profits from an extended stay in a clinic, staffed by experts who were not appropriately qualified, the red flags are all there.

A very well written piece, which clearly illustrates the poor practice parents and children in the US, and the UK (which has very similar working processes) have to live with once they’re dragged inside the system.

Many thanks to Sam Phillips (Researching Reform’s sister) for sharing this piece with us.

You can access the story here.