There are only a handful of good resources for children’s social care provided by the government, and the House of Commons library has long been one of our favourites at Researching Reform.

What makes the library so good is that the editors there produce briefing papers whenever a children’s social care or child protection issue makes the news, or Parliament holds a debate on a topic related to these issues.

Additionally, the papers are written in clear and straightforward English, any sector-specific jargon is explained well, and the briefings are usually accompanied by a really good background summary of the topic.

Finally, the papers seek to offer as many perspectives on an issue as possible, and usually always include links to helpful organisations or to more reading materials.

You can see we are fans of the library.

You can search the library using its different search functions, and it is refreshingly easy to navigate.

For example, you can search their social policy research, or explore their documents by topic in the social policy section (scroll down to find the topics box).

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