A consultation aimed at encouraging children and young people to offer suggestions about the recommendations in the UK’s children’s social care review has been launched by Coram Voice and the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS).

The consultation, which was launched on 19 August, includes a series of workshops open to young people, which start tomorrow and run until the end of September. Staff from the Department for Education will be at the workshops and will listen to your feedback.

This is what the page on Coram Voice’s website says:

“We are launching a consultation alongside National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) to hear from care experienced children and young people on some of the recommendations from the Independent Review of Social Care, including discussion around advocacy, Independent Visitors and care experience as a protected characteristic.

In order to find out about what young people think, we have designed survey and a downloadable pack for participation groups that work with children in care and care leavers to choose the topics to discuss. We want to make sure that Government hears from as many children and young people as possible while they are deciding which recommendations they take forward.

We will be sharing everything collected directly to Government but will also be creating our own report on what children and young people from all across England have had to say and what the important messages for Government are.

To take part you can get involved in our survey and download our pack and monitoring form.

We will also be holding three workshops for young people to take part in

  • Workshop 1 on Advocacy for young people aged 11-17 (20th Sept)
  • Workshop 2 on Independent visitors for young people aged 11-17 (22nd Sept)
  • Workshop 3 on Protected characteristics for young people aged 11-17 (28th Sept)


  • These workshops are open to young people to sign-up themselves or with the help of a professional.
  • Every contribution to the workshops will be reported anonymously
  • All sessions will take place on Zoom (online)
  • Attendees can join one or more sessions
  • You can also fill out this survey if you are unable to attend the workshop or if you have more to contribute in addition to the workshop. Feel free to share this with your friends or colleagues.”

Links included on the page:

Eventbrite for workshops


Download pack

Download monitoring form

You can find more information about the care review’s recommendations here.