Saskatoon’s Christian Centre Academy in Canada is the subject of a class action filed by 18 students who allege they were violently disciplined and endured exorcisms as children at the school.

One student said he suffered a violent exorcism ritual for being gay and was called  “evil” and “an abomination,” by the head of the school.

The lawsuit includes appalling allegations of sexual abuse, paddling, coercion, traumatising rituals and the use of solitary confinement.

CBC News was given a copy of an 85-page, eight-lesson manual used at the school, called The Child Training Seminar, written by the father of the current pastor, which promotes the use of corporal punishment. It also says anyone who opposes corporal punishment has been “influenced by the devil” and should be ignored.

The book is referenced in a lawsuit by two former students who are seeking $25 million in damages.

The full CBC article can be accessed here.

Many thanks to Professor Joan Durrant for sharing this development.