This month’s featured image is by Paul Brian Tovey, an adult adoptee who was abused by his adoptive parents as a child. Paul is Researching Reform’s Artist In Residence.

Paul now campaigns for adoptees to have the legal right to revert back to their birth identities.

Paul’s paintings reflect his experiences as an adoptee including the effect of his forced adoption on his mental health.

The painting is titled, “Bus Of Dooms.” Speaking to Researching Reform, Paul said:

“The card of the Bus Of Dooms, oh dear oh dear how it often looms. 

I was taken by real mom by bus to Sheldon in 1957 from my birth Gran’s home in Kingstanding Birmingham,  miles away and dumped with an unsuitable extended family relative.

My real mom was overwrought – inside divorce – and immature. It led to my Adoption. She had an affair with another man and became pregnant, which sealed my fate even more. 

The journey with real-mom to the end of my life with her,  always tried to come back in my childhood mind but hurt broke it up a lot. Therapy made it more bearable and Art has done that. It has given me a place to cry the damages out when I need to. I am extremely injured. I know why and who I am now. I know, and it makes all the difference to self care for the damages left.”

We would like to thank Paul for allowing us to showcase his work, which we think is unique and demonstrates huge talent.