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The Children and Families Truth Commission (CFTC) has published letter templates for families and children going through the child protection system who would like a little help putting together a Subject Access Request (SAR).

A SAR allows individuals to request and receive a copy of all the personal data that a government body, company or organisation has collected about them.

The templates were created by Commission lead Michele Simmons who is also a mother with experience of the care system.

The templates were produced after parents attending the launch of the Commission’s guide on how to make a SAR offered feedback on what else they would like. Several parents said it would be useful to be able to see an example of how to submit a request.

Michele’s templates offer invaluable advice on what kinds of documents you can ask for if you are going through child protection or care proceedings, how to create a letter, what to do if your request is denied and how to write a follow-up letter when needed.

The Commission is very grateful to Michele for her expertise and would like to thank Jason very much for all his time and technical knowledge in designing and formatting the Commission’s guides and booklets.

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