Welcome to another week.

An online conference taking place on Tuesday May 24 and hosted by the International Parent Advocacy Network (IPAN) says it will focus on parents of disabled and special educational needs and disability (SEND) children and their experiences of trying to secure support inside the children’s social care sector.

Tracey Norton, an advocate for the Support Not Separation campaign and co-ordinator for the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign, will be on the panel for the event.

IPAN’s statement about the event said:

“IPAN in partnership with Parents Families and Allies Network (PFAN) are proud to present – this webinar on the culture of blame and shame experienced by families who seek support for their children with SEND and disabilities.

Across the globe there is an awareness of the need to tackle disability discrimination and the need to achieve support for children from the earliest ages in order for the greatest opportunity for inclusion, success, wellbeing and outcomes.

Unfortunately, parents and carers are reporting lengthy battles and experiences of being accused of neglect and harm.

Where health symptoms are not readily understood parents are facing accusations of FII (Fabricated or Induced Illness), PP (perplexing presentations) and MSBP [Munchausen syndrome by proxy].

Parents seeking vital support for their children in schools are facing attacks on their character, refusal to acknowledge diagnosis and reports of neglect.

Child welfare/ Children and families social work has an important role within this area.

In this webinar, we hear from parents and professionals about what their experiences are and how we are being led away from inclusion and support through fear-based practice and a lack of resources.”

The event starts at 4pm and finishes at 5.30pm.

Anyone wishing to attend can register using the conference’s Eventbrite page.