Children are now able to submit their experiences of the child protection system and children’s social care to the Children and Families Truth Commission.

Following the launch of the commission’s Family Testimonials page, which already has a large volume of testimonies from families in Britain, the commission invites children to share their experiences of child protection and social care, in their own words.

The testimonies are an important part of the commission’s work, which is dedicated to making sure the voices of children and their families are heard in government and to offer everyone spaces to process their experiences and heal.

As well as offering solutions to the current problems inside children’s social care, the commission is providing children and families with immediate help and support, and producing ongoing content like our rights guide for families going through child protection processes. Our aim is to be of help and of use from the moment we launch to the moment we close, and beyond.

Children’s testimonies will be added anonymously and will only be published if children feel completely comfortable sharing their experience with the commission.

If you are a child and you would like to add your experience to the commission’s testimonials page, you can share it with the commission using their contact form or email them at

The commission would be very grateful if you could help them by keeping your testimonial to a maximum of 500 words, so that they can include as many experiences as possible on the site, and please put the phrase ‘CHILD TESTIMONIAL’ at the top of the message. Thank you so much.

Readers, please share this call if you can – the more children’s voices the commission can raise, the more it can do.