The review is currently trying to make sure we can include as many families as possible on what will be our monthly Zoom calls. Children and their families have priority status for every event and evidence-gathering exercise, and we won’t move forward without your input.

The original post is added below in full:

As the review launches into its second phase, we are really keen to hear from parents, extended family members and children who would like to join the Best Interests of the Child Review’s monthly Zoom calls.

The review has also changed its name to the Children and Families Truth Commission (CFTC). The team — Michele Simmons, Simon Haworth and Natasha Phillips (Researching Reform) — felt a Truth Commission was much more in line with our thinking and family-focused goals, and we will formally unveil the commission and other connected updates shortly.

The Zoom calls have been set up so that families can share their experiences with the Truth Commission, be kept up to date with the latest developments and equally importantly help us to shape the commission’s work.

The team believe Sunday might be a good day for families to join the one hour-long calls, and so we have set up a Doodle survey to find out what time on Sunday might be most convenient for you all.

The commission, which was launched on World Children’s Day (20 November) last year, is parent-led and focuses on children’s social care through the eyes of the children and parents going through the system.

The launch included the publication of a rights booklet, which offers families a point of reference for all the rights they and their children have going through the process, which they can enforce in law.

The booklet also includes links to relevant documents, files and legislation, as well as a glossary of terms and links to websites of organisations who offer help and advice for free.

The commission team also offers support to parents and children through signposting assistance so that families can access the help they need.

We would love to see you regularly on our Zoom calls which we will launch as soon as we know what time works best for families.

You can access the Doodle survey here, which was very kindly set up by review co-founder and team member Simon Haworth.