Welcome to another week.

An international survey to collect women’s views about caregiving will launch at an online event being on held on International Women’s Day this week.

The survey has been produced by the Global Women’s Strike (GWS) movement which wants to find out what women really think about their roles as caregivers, the resources they used or didn’t have and needed, and their relationships with the children and adults they look after.

The event, which will be held on Zoom, has a registration page which offers more details about the webinar and the survey. The page has a selection of questions from the survey, which include:

* How many hours a week do you spend caregiving?
* Did you get the support you needed to breastfeed?
* Do you find it hard to have to go to work when your child or relative is unwell?
* If you had no financial pressure, would you do the waged job you are doing now?
* Do you think your caring work is a contribution to society that should be paid?

The launch event has been sponsored by Care Income Now! which the webinar page says is “an international network of grassroots women and organisations coordinated by the Global Women’s Strike campaigning for a care income for all, regardless of gender, who doing the work of caring for people and planet.”

Speaking to Ham&High, a local online newspaper covering London’s Hampstead and Highgate, GWS’s coordinator, Nina Lopez said: “Mothers are the primary carers in every society but they’re not normally considered carers. Mothers are in their own special category because the work is unpaid. If your work has no value it’s badly thought of. It reflects badly on the people you take care of. What does that say to your children?”

Countries which have agreed to take part in the survey include Argentina, Burma, Canada, India, Ireland, Italy, Peru, Thailand, the UK and the US, according to Ham&High.

The survey and the launch event will be available in English, Italian, Spanish and Thai.

The webinar will also be rebroadcast on Facebook Live at 9am US Pacific Time / 12 noon US Eastern Time / 5pm UTC.

The launch takes place on Tuesday 8 March 2022 @ 1:00pm UTC (8:00 am EST).

Anyone interested in attending and learning more about the survey can register for the event here.

Many thanks to Tracey Norton at Legal Action for Women (LAW) for alerting us to this event and for very kindly extending an invite.