The Family Procedure Rule Committee, (FPRC) the body tasked with developing rules used in family law proceedings, wants to see a “diverse and representative” audience for its annual open event this year.

The event is an online meeting where attendees can watch how the rule making process works and put questions to the Committee.

While the web page on GOV.UK’s site for the event describes the attendance sheet for the conference as an invitation, it is actually an application form to make a request to attend the meeting.

The form asks for peoples’ names, the organisation they represent, the “nature of their interest in the committee”, and any questions the individual would like to ask the Committee. The form also says “invitees will be selected to try to ensure a diverse and representative audience,” without offering any additional detail as to who that might include.

If you are interested in seeing how the system works in this context, or you just want to challenge the Committee on the rules and their effectiveness, you can apply by filling out the form which can be found here.

Those accepted to attend the event, which is free, will watch the FPRC hold a meeting as they carry out their business but will not be able to interact with the committee as they discuss their agenda.

Individuals who have sent in questions will be notified in advance if their questions are selected to be put to the committee and will be allowed to ask their questions to the committee direct after the business portion of the meeting has come to a close.

If you do not want to fill out the form or cannot, you can reach out to the FPRC Secretariat direct by email:

Closing date to apply to attend the event is 7 October, 2021.

The event takes place on Monday 1 November from 10am to 1.30pm, and will be launched on MS Teams.