A story in The Independent today looks at the growing number of men, women and children in the UK who want to revoke their adoptions, the experiences of some of these adoptees, and how this movement ties in with the movement asking for an apology for forced adoptions.

Th adoptees in the story say that adoption revocation is a human right, and they should be allowed in law to live within their chosen identity.

The piece offers information about a pioneering survey which has found that a staggering percentage of adoptees were abused, and many now wish to revoke their adoptions in order to heal from their childhoods.

There is also expert comment from family law barrister Naomi Wiseman, who explains the difficulties in revoking adoptions in England and Wales, and Professor Anna Gupta, who outlines the risks involved with adoption and why it is only suitable for a very small number of children.

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The story can be accessed here.