A new survey produced by Taken UK, a support group for parents going through the family courts founded by Jacque Courtnage, aims to better understand how care proceedings resulting in adoption orders have affected birth families in Britain.

The open survey is made up of 18 questions, including:

  • Prior to a care order being enacted on your child/children, were you offered or did you receive help from these early help provisions by being signposted to them by a social worker?
  • Once the adoption order was made, were you offered any support to deal with loss, coping strategies and everything associated with losing a child to adoption?
  • If you had other children that have remained with you, where any of them offered any support to help cope knowing they have a sibling in adoption?
  • Has any organisation offered to help you reunite with your adopted child once they have reached the age of 18?
  • Would you want to reunite with your adopted child in the future?

Another open survey, which was published several weeks ago by adoptees Paul Brian Tovey and Suzanne Davies, investigates adoptee experiences in the UK, and has gathered almost 100 responses since it started running. The questions in this survey include:

  • Was your adoption as a UK adoptee negative or positive?
  • Were you abused by your adopters as a child?
  • Do you wish to revoke your adoption order?
  • If your adoptee status was terminated, would you want to revert to your birth or other identity?
  • Was there any therapy in the UK specific for your adult adoptee needs?

You can access and fill out the birth family support survey here

You can find the adoptee survey here