Welcome to another week.

We thought we would share a free resource offering a glossary of social work terms, which may be useful for unrepresented parents going through the family courts, and McKenzie friends assisting families in public family law cases.

Tri.x, featured on the Procedures Online website, is a live glossary designed for social workers, and includes key definitions for social work terms, a list of national contacts for agencies and organisations such as the Care Quality Commission, National Domestic Abuse Helpline and the Forced Marriage Unit, and a regularly updated document about the new Domestic Abuse Act.

The glossary explains a wide range of terms, from the threshold criteria used for assessments to orders used in care proceedings, and more.

The national contacts page is filled with contact details for child welfare charities, lawyers and government departments engaged in children matters.

The file offering information about the Domestic Abuse Act includes a table which lists the dates for the start of provisions set out in the Act, and appears to be being updated as and when new information becomes available.

You can access the glossary here.