What happens when a domestically abusive parent asks for contact with their child following a separation or divorce in the family courts?

And is the family court in its current form the best place to process child contact requests in cases where there are allegations of domestic abuse, or where one parent has already been convicted of at least one violent offence?

This week, the Voice of the Child speaks with campaigners Sammy Woodhouse and Victoria Hudson about a new campaign they’ve launched, which proposes some radical changes to the family justice system in England and Wales, and why forcing children to have contact with parents who have been domestically abusive to the other parent is often harmful to them.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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Catch Victoria and Sammy on Twitter @victoria_hudson and @sammywoodhouse1. Social media users can talk about the campaign using the Forgotten Victims Of Family Court hashtag #forgottenvictimsOfFC

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, or worried about someone who you think might be, Women’s Aid offers a number of ways you can get help and support.