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Survivors of sexual abuse at the Celtic Boys Club in Glasgow, Scotland — now called St Patrick’s Sports Academy — have released a film about the abuse they suffered as children while playing for the football club.

The film, entitled, “The Celtic Boys Club Scandal”, was made with money raised by the survivors and their family members through a crowdfunding platform. Hundreds of people donated to the project, which was aired for the first time on 13 March. The film, which is 45 minutes long, has already been watched more than 18,000 times since its YouTube launch on Saturday.

Individuals who contributed to the documentary include Michelle Gray, whose brother Andrew was abused by the club’s founder Jim Torbett, and died in a pool accident in 2017; Helene Gray, Andrew’s mother; abuse survivor Gordon Woods and; Dr John Marshall, a psychologist based in Scotland whose work focuses on addressing trauma stemming from child abuse.

Tweeting about the short film on Saturday, Dr. Marshall said, “The Celtic boys club sexual abuse scandal documentary just released. Crowdfunded too! Thinking of the boys who were abused and their families. You are an inspiration. Amazing work by @GoldbergRadio and co.”

You can watch the film here.