The Children’s Care Review, which has been set up to examine the current state of the children’s social care sector, has launched its website and announced the individuals sitting on their “Experts By Experience” panel.

The website offers an introduction to the Review’s work, and the Review’s chair, Josh MacAllister, and provides the latest developments at the Review, much like the current inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

The “Experts By Experience” panel, comprising of 16 individuals who have experience of the care system was announced today, and include Chloe Robinson, a 17-year-old girl who is still inside the care system; Judith Denton, CEO of The Transformed You; Chris Wild, a prominent campaigner for children in care; and Sean Geoghegan, a founding member of the National Association of Young People In Care.

The panel also includes a range of people who have not experienced care directly, and include a former social worker turned adopter and kinship carer; a trustee of the charity Family Rights Group; and a researcher who has advised the current government on policy for children in care.

These appointments are likely down to the government feeling they need to oversee and steer those on the panel, which, as with the child abuse inquiry, could lead to heightened tensions and ongoing conflict within this panel.

The Review’s page for the panel, while featuring a BAME woman at the top of the list, fails to place the children and young men and women on this panel at the very top together, which seems to highlight the government’s and the Review lead’s ongoing deafness to the nuances in the sector.

Joining Chloe Robinson on the panel as a young person in care or with care experience, are: Rhiannon Parkinson, Charmaine Orchard, Asif Salarzai and Jerome Harvey-Agyei.

Another new appointment was also announced. Shazia Hussain, who is a civil servant, will head up the review team which is made up of civil servants from across various government departments but does not go on to say who has been appointed to the review team.

And we don’t mean to be picky, but, terrible URL.

You can access the website here, and read about the “Experts By Experience” panel here.