As what we’re calling a grizzly year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to wish all of our readers a merry Christmas, and hope you find some joy in the festive season despite the many heavy hearts we know mothers, fathers and children will be carrying this year as they find themselves separated from one another.

We are going to take a short break until the New Year, but we will be back in full force in 2021, shining a light on the challenges and injustices inside the family courts.

We will also continue to share information to help you secure your rights and the rights of your children, and to assist in reuniting families wherever and whenever possible.

Our readers will know that as a project we are dedicated to placing the rights of every child at the heart of the family justice system, while holding government to account to ensure that bad policies and laws affecting children are highlighted and changed.

At this time of the year, our mission is much smaller, but no less important. We choose to remember, and honour, the thousands of parents and family members whose worlds have been torn apart by the removal of a child. This project is and always will be, for you, with our focus on every child who needs us.

We wish you a restful and hopeful festive season, and may 2021 bring about changes our children would be proud of.

With love,

Researching Reform