We are currently working on trying to find out which children’s care homes have had an outbreak of COVID-19 and how children in these homes have been affected, so while we do our best to find this information, we are offering another resource post.

These resources offer useful guides on spotting COVID-19 symptoms in children, what to do if you think a child has the virus, and how to monitor your children’s health even if you are not physically in the same home as them.

If you are currently going through public family law proceedings and/ or you are having audio or video contact with your children, you can use these resources to assess, monitor and respond to your child’s health during the outbreak.

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)

GOSH has a fact sheet page on their website which is regularly updated and has a Frequently Asked Questions section, as well as symptoms and precautions for families. The page also answers questions relating to unwell children are on medication and what to do if they catch the virus.

You can see the page here.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC)

US organisation, the CDC, also has a good page on the novel Coronavirus which looks at symptoms, how the virus affects pregnant women and safety measures for families.

You can access the page here.

Going Food Shopping During the Outbreak

HSE Ireland has published a good guide on how to shop safely during the outbreak, and it’s worth a read.

You can see the guide here.

The World Will Never Be The Same For Our Children

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Dr Chung yet, she is a national lead in South Korea, which has been pioneering the human response to COVID-19. In this podcast she explains why our children will live a world entirely different from our own, as they must learn to co-exist with super-viruses and find ways to tackle their spread before it’s too late.

Packed with the latest information on how COVID-19 affects children, and babies, the podcast sheds light on why we shouldn’t be complacent about children and the virus, and what we can do to support our children in person or through online platforms for those parents who can’t be in the same home as their little ones.

Listen to Dr Chung on the Voice of the Child here.