For our tenth episode, the Voice of the Child looks at how the UK Family Courts’ handling of the Coronavirus outbreak has affected child contact for families in child protection cases.

While guidance on what parents should do in relation to child arrangements orders (typically made in private family law cases) during the outbreak has been given by the President of the Family Division, very little has been done to address the massive council and contact centre closures which have impacted children’s access to their birth parents in public family law cases.

Sarah* a mother who has recently been through the family courts for child protection proceedings, explains how her court-ordered contact has been put on hold and the significant issues within her case which have led up to this moment.

Sarah also gives the Family Courts an important message at the end of the interview.

A very big thank you to Sarah for bravely taking part in the programme which was particularly emotional, and for being on the front line in the fight against COVID-19. Sarah is an NHS nurse currently working during the Coronavirus outbreak.

You can listen to the Voice of the Child here. 

*Sarah is not the mother’s real name.

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