In our ninth Voice of the Child podcast, we address the myths about the novel Coronavirus and how it affects children, and discuss the latest paediatric research focusing on the disease.

South Korea, which has been hailed by the World Health Organisation as a global model to follow for stemming the spread of COVID-19, is several weeks ahead of the UK in battling the virus, and emerging research from the country paints a more complex picture of the disease and how it is impacting children.

Dr Un Sun Chung is the national lead for South Korea’s School Mental Health Resource Center and is regularly invited to discuss child welfare issues by national and international media. She works as a child psychiatrist at Kyungpook National University Children’s Hospital, in Daegu, South Korea, which pioneered the testing kits being used around the world today.

In this podcast, Dr Chung talks about how South Korea managed to contain the first wave of its outbreak, misinformation around the virus and how it affects children, ways we can help children who are being abused at home, and what parents and carers can do to support their children during the outbreak.

You can listen to the Voice of the Child here. 

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