In our second podcast, the Voice of the Child speaks with a mum who lost her two children through non-consensual adoption practices in the UK family courts.

A victim of forced marriage in her home country, and sexually trafficked in several locations around the world, Moksha* finally found safety in the UK.

She reached out to her local council for help acclimatising to life in the UK and for her daughter’s schooling. She never expected social services to take her children away.

Despite distancing herself from her abusive partner and showing signs of significant improvement in her mental health, social workers refused to consider reuniting Moksha with her children.

In this interview, Moksha talks about what happened to her and her children, how she navigated the court process without legal aid, and what she saw inside her local council and the court room.

Many thanks to Legal Action for Women (LAW), for organising this interview. And a special thank you to Moksha for courageously telling her story.

You can listen to the podcast here. 


*Moksha is a pseudonym.

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