Researching Reform was very kindly invited to talk about the issues surrounding forced adoption in the UK, by Chloe Lee, a pupil barrister and the host of family law podcasts Voices of Family Law.

During the interview we spoke about the unique nature of adoption policy in the UK, the challenges the system faces in improving family intervention and cases we worked on involving forced adoption.

Chloe asked poignant questions about the ways in which forced adoption affects families and children, and the problems that irrevocable orders cause in the context of child development and parental health.

You can listen to the podcast here.

The podcast is part of a series looking at issues within the family justice system like adoption, transparency and access to justice. The series is an important addition to the growing conversation around family law and child welfare.

For those who use iPhones, you can also download the podcast and the entire series of interviews on Apple Podcasts.

Chloe is a Justice First Fellow at the Legal Education Foundation with a special interest in family law. She will be joining Spire Barristers as a pupil.

You can follow Chloe on Twitter @chloe_lee93 and her Voices of Family Law podcasts @VoicesofFamLaw.

A special thank you to Chloe for having us on her show, and we wish her lots of success with her projects.

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