Legal Action for Women (LAW) is supporting a campaign to help a mother gain permission for her son to join her in the UK. Her son is alleged to be at risk of becoming a victim of honour killing after he helped his mother and sister escape domestic abuse.

We are adding the details from LAW below.

“Dear Friends,

Support not Separation is supporting this campaign for a member of the All African Women’s Group – a lesbian mum from Pakistan fighting to be reunited with her son. The immigration laws separate families but unlike the family courts there is nothing to stop public campaigning. One more reason why the family courts need to be open!

It would be great if you could write to the Home Office in support of Ms Mohammed (see link to template below) by 30 July. Please send a copy to the All African Women’s Group who will forward everything to Ms Mohammed in preparation for her Appeal Hearing in August.

Since the Home Secretary is no longer Sajid Javid but Priti Patel, we suggest sending emails with letters of support to this address:

Remember to send a copy of your letter to the All African Women’s Group

Best wishes,

Anne & Cristel

Support Not Separation (Legal Action for Women)”

The template for writing to the Home Office has been made available here.

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