A debate on children and their access to mental health services will take place in Parliament on 16 July.

The discussion has been organised by Andrew Griffiths MP.

Further details about the debate are not yet available but we will share them as soon as the House of Commons library offers the next update.

Councils have said that children experiencing mental health problems have increased by as much as 54 percent in the last four years, with more than 560 cases reported daily last year on average.

Figures by the Children’s Society suggest that at least 100,000 children are being denied access to mental health services because the problems are not deemed serious enough by adolescent mental health services.

In some parts of the UK, children are waiting up to a year for a mental health assessment.

Andrew Griffiths came to the public’s attention last year after he suffered a nervous breakdown. Griffiths was also investigated by the Conservative Party in 2018 for sending sexual messages to two women in his constituency. It was reported that he sent the women 2,000 messages in three weeks.

The debate will take place in Westminster Hall and will start at 2.30pm.