Allegations that Vicky Haigh’s ex partner was banned by UK Athletics from coaching children after he sexually groomed a child have been published on a US campaign site for women going through child contact proceedings with their children.

In 2010 Ms Haigh alleged that her partner had sexually abused their daughter. The family court took the view that the allegation was a lie and removed all contact between her and her daughter.

Vicky Haigh’s case drew media-wide attention when a court sentenced her to prison for breaching a non-molestation order, after she saw her daughter at a petrol station. Ms Haigh told the family court that the meeting had been a chance encounter.

Vicky was sentenced to three years in prison for breaching the order, which was reduced to nine months by the Court of Appeal. The sentence was re-instated in full after Ms Haigh gave an interview to a newspaper, shortly before she was due to be released.

The article which features the allegations against Ms Haigh’s ex partner was published by the Women’s Coalition on 29th June, and says:

“Vicky Haigh recently discovered that UK Athletics had banned her ex in 2015 from coaching children, after he sexually groomed and stalked a child, a criminal offence which often leads to sexual assault… Vicky found out about the ban when Doncaster Council filed a motion to discharge their care orders on her daughter.

Vicky’s ex-husband was found guilty of sexual misconduct with a minor by UK Athletics, resulting in a ban from coaching children…In failing to publicly report the ban, UK Athletics, Doncaster Council and Family Court have caused children in the community to be left at risk, including Vicky’s daughter.”

The article does not offer any source for the information it shares, but if there is a UK Athletics ban in place for Ms Haigh’s ex partner it is now in the public interest to know why it was set aside during child contact proceedings in the Haighs’ case.

Thank you to Charles Pragnell for alerting us to this development.