A video has been released by non-profit research center Child Trends, which looks at the effects of hitting children in the context of parenting. The video also talks about the growing body of research in this area.

While the video is called “Spanking as discipline is controversial”, we’ve chosen to call it out for what it is – assault. And as the UK introduces new legislation to address animal cruelty – which includes protection for animals who may be working in circuses – we have to wonder why the government is still silent on child assaults within the home.

Researching Reform’s position on child assaults is very clear. We have laws protecting adults from being hit – and those laws cover assaults by everyone including family members – so we must have equal protections for children.

Nothing excuses an assault on a child. Not their size. Not their actions.

Not their relationship to the person assaulting them.

Many thanks to professor Joan Durrant for sharing this video.