A Twitter survey carried out by this site found that 86% of those polled wanted to see the government launch an inquiry into adoption practices, including forced adoption, in England and Wales.

A total of 187 people took part in the poll which ran on Twitter last week.

The debate over the government’s current adoption policies came to a head this month after the Ministry of Justice announced on 21st May that it would investigate the way family courts process cases involving allegations of domestic abuse.

Calls to launch an inquiry into forced and illegal adoptions in Ireland were made by several MPs on 15th May. The MPs also want to see a separate inquiry into adoption practices inside the country.

Concerns about adoption in England and Wales stem from the implementation of forced, or non consensual adoption. A growing number of social workers, researchers and politicians are now saying that the policy is harming children’s wellbeing and development and re-traumatising parents.

If forced adoption has affected you, please share your experience below. We will make sure that your comment is anonymous and does not breach reporting restrictions.

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