Welcome to another week.

Politicians in Ireland are calling on their government to launch an inquiry into adoption practices, including forced adoptions and illegal adoptions.

The move comes after several adoption agencies in Ireland were found to have carried out illegal birth registrations and adoptions.

Families in Britain are also reporting incidents of illegal registrations and adoptions, while other families say they are being exposed to inhumane treatment inside the family courts during child welfare proceedings.

That treatment, families say, includes bullying, blackmail and threats from child welfare professionals and judges to comply with social work reports and court orders, which some parents say are not in the best interests of their children.

An inquiry into adoption was carried out by the British Association of Social Work last year, however it focused on the role of social workers within the adoption process and did not investigate whether policies such as forced adoption and current social work practices and culture were genuinely working for the best interests of children inside the system.

Our question this week then, is this: should there be a government inquiry into adoption practices inside England and Wales? 

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