HMCTS, the official body overseeing the law courts for England and Wales has invited service users to give feedback about the organisation and its reform programme in a survey published yesterday. Respondents can also give specific feedback about the family courts.

This site completed the survey and  invited HMCTS to incorporate family court service users’ experiences and advice into their reform programme. User engagement was a central theme running through all of our answers. The survey can also be answered by legal professionals.


There are over 25 questions, some of which ask for personal information about respondents completing the survey – these questions don’t have to be answered.

Interesting questions inside the survey include queries about trust levels around HMCTS and which news outlets respondents feel offer impartial, trustworthy updates about the court system. While the survey is an effort at gauging the organisation’s success, it also reads like an evaluation of its new head Susan Acland-Hood, who was brought in to try to improve the court system.

We’ve added the main questions below so you can get a feel for the survey. (Some of the potential answers offered may not show up in full).

You can take the survey here. Deadline for submissions is 10th May, 2019.

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