UPDATE: Sara was released from prison at the end of March after she apologised to the judge in her case for breaching reporting restrictions. 

Sara Root, a mother involved in child protection proceedings, has been jailed for posting information about her children on Facebook. The length and type of sentence has not been disclosed. (The length of the sentence has since been made public. Justice Theis handed down a jail term of nine months).

In a post about the mother last week, we explained that she had used the social media site to talk about details of her case which she said included several failings and breaches of the law by child welfare professionals.

Ms Root had been subject to several reporting injunctions and had breached them, she says, to raise concerns about the way in which she and her children were treated by the family court.

Medway council complained about her posts on Facebook.

Sentencing her last Wednesday, Mrs Justice Theis said she was jailing Ms Root because the mother of two was likely to continue breaching the injunctions.