Parents inside the family justice system have come out in support of a Crown Court judge who compared Barnsley council’s social workers to Nazis after their handling of an investigation left a vulnerable child traumatised.  The council forced the young girl to strip naked and undergo an invasive medical examination, weeks after her mother had committed suicide. Barnsley council also wrongly accused the girl’s father of sexually abusing her.

Judge Robert Moore told the court that the council’s “social services were like the SS of Nazi Germany.” Moore went on to say, “they’re literally the SS in their name, and their manner of working is somewhat draconian.” The father was being sentenced for harassing a teacher at his daughter’s school.

Families took to Facebook to voice their support for Judge Moore, in response to Barnsley council’s decision to raise a formal complaint with Sheffield Crown Court, where the judge was sitting at the time he made the comments about the local authority’s social workers.

One father wrote:

“He got it bang on, that’s exactly what social workers are… parents agree on this once they’ve been through the system. The Nazi regime means that no matter what you do, if they want your kids you lose… it’s how the Nazis were, so the comparison is real and there for all to see. It’s nice to see that a judge has finally seen it for that. He shouldn’t be persecuted, he should be hailed as a hero.” In a show of agreement, several posters liked and ‘hearted’ the comment.

Another poster wrote:

“What do they expect when they destroy loving happy family lives… with no evidence at all.”

A further comment read:

“Finally, a judge that speaks the truth.”

One Facebook poster accused Barnsley council of trying to censor the judge, while another felt that a complaint should be made about the council’s conduct, rather than the judge’s.

The news that a judge criticised child social workers during a hearing in the criminal courts is another blow to the family justice system, which has been struggling for over a decade to shed its negative image.

Families across the UK have taken to calling social services around the country, “The SS”, because of the way they are often treated by social workers, and the ability of social care professionals to remove children from parents so that they can be put up for adoption without the need to get parental consent. This policy is sometimes referred to as forced adoption, and is in sharp decline around the world. The majority of European countries now elect to get parental consent before placing children with adoptive families.

If you would like to see the end of forced adoption in the UK, please consider signing our petition asking the government to put a stop to non consensual adoptions and to launch a consultation on better alternatives for families and children in need of support.

A very special thank you to Jane Doe for this story.

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