A programme on BBC One airing tonight at 7.30pm, looks at the effect cuts to legal aid have had on access to justice. The Inside Out West series also features an interview with Judge Stephen Wildblood, who sits in the family court at Bristol. The judge talks about the growing number of parents who attend court without legal representation, and his experiences working on care orders.

In a preview for the show, which was posted on Twitter yesterday, Judge Wildblood tells the presenter:

“A mother got on her hands and knees in court and begged me… “please don’t take my children away.” She said she would end her life if I made the orders.”

Wildblood also reflects on the state of the family courts during the interview:

“I don’t think the system is broken, and the judges wouldn’t allow it to be broken. Whether the overall process is fair, that people are coming to court on their own, is not really for me to say. That’s for others to judge”.

The programme can be viewed on BBC One, and will be available to watch online once it has aired.

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