Researching Reform is hugely humbled to announce that its editor is working for a new online newspaper, launched today, which focuses on Iranian politics. The site also has a dedicated section for child welfare.

Kayhan Life is an impartial news outlet offering breaking, exclusive and important stories about Iran and its people. Its publisher, acclaimed journalist Nazenin Ansari, is passionate about child rights, and works with several children’s organisations around the world. The newspaper itself is fully independent, and is not funded by any government or political organisation. Kayhan Life is part of the Kayhan Media Group, which has a distinguished journalistic history , starting out in Iran as the most widely circulated newspaper in the country, before it was confiscated by the regime and turned from a liberal paper into a hard line mouth piece for the government.

Iran has, of course, become a regular feature in the news. Its relationship with the West, and its often controversial, and increasingly powerful moves on the world stage have made it an important country to watch. Once closed and virtually impossible to understand, Iran has found itself the subject of intense speculation, and criticism, as its citizens and its displaced population have increasingly used social media to shed light on the struggles, and successes, of its people. An emerging child rights focus has taken on a life of its own, with Kayhan at the forefront of this development.

We would love to invite you to take a look around the newspaper, which we hope you will find to be interesting, thought provoking, and a window into the hearts and minds of Iranians.

We are hugely privileged to be able to write for this outlet. Our first two pieces for Kayhan Life look at child executions in Iran –Iran sentences more children to death than any other country in the world – and the similarities between Iran and the UK in the ways each country treats its child sex offenders.

The newspaper also has a blogging platform for those who are passionate about Iran, and want to write about its politics, or its arts and culture. Anyone interested in blogging for the outlet can get in touch and pitch an idea, using the link in this paragraph.

Come and say hi to the Kayhan Life team over on social media – you can find them on Twitter and Facebook, sharing all the latest:

Stay tuned for the newspaper’s official launch, which is coming soon…

KL Taster