Researching Reform offers its blog as a platform to children who are budding artists, as well as adult artists who produce child focused content. This month it gives us great pleasure to introduce this picture by a very talented young woman.

Karam Herbst is 15, and went to schools in Germany and Uzbekistan. Her hobbies are painting, volleyball, football and basketball. She painted this picture for an exhibition at her school entitled, “Children In War.”

Karam is passionate about expressing herself through visual arts, particularly as a way to raise awareness around serious issues. She tells Researching Reform:

“It is very sad that many people who are not directly impacted by war, see children of war only as a number on the news and don’t get the chance to have any emotional connection with them. I really hope my art will one day reach a lot of people in order to raise awareness and to inspire change.”

As children increasingly find themselves caught up in war zones, countries rife with conflict and occupation, this painting is not only timely, but a poignant reminder of how deeply traumatic these events are for children.

We would like to thank Karam enormously for allowing us to share her painting. We hope she will continue to paint, and develop her outstanding gift. A very big thank you also to Karam’s father, Peter.

You can view Karam’s artwork over on her instagram account @annakaramm.